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After getting my Master’s degree in Computational Linguistics at San Diego State University (CA) in 2008, I went back to Spain and I started working as a computational linguist for imaxin|software (Santiago de Compostela, Spain).

In 2011 I came back to San Diego and started working as an independent contractor. Since 2012 I’m on a long term contract working as Chief Computational Scientist for Codeq LLC on cool stuff related to information summarization and extraction.

My main research field is Machine Learning applied to Computational Linguistics, specially in the areas of Named Entity Recognition, Opinion Mining, Topic Detection, Emotion Classification, Speech Act Classification and Text Summarization. I also have extensive experience working on Machine Translation (both SMT and RBMT). 

Other fields of special interest are: Software Localization, Language Planning, Sociolinguistics and Historical Linguistics.

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